Saturday, May 23, 2009

Happy Hawaiian Birthday

Sunshine is a remarkable antidote for jet lag.

We arrived on the North Shore of Oahu in time for a sunset drink on Friday, perhaps a bit frazzled from an airplane day* that ended six time zones west of Washington. You try to convince yourself that traveling west doesn't cause jet lag, but it does. Fortunately, it's the kind of jet lag that zonks you out at 8:30 pm and rouses you at 5:30 am.

That gave us the morning to explore the beaches (including one where some scenes from "Lost" were filmed), before they were crowded with Memorial Day weekend families. It also gave us plenty of hours to soak in the sun before temperatures headed above 90 degrees.

Really, the day hasn't been more complicated than that. What a lovely way to spend my birthday!

These photos are a pretty tropical flower, a surfer in the Banzai Pipeline waves, and the sunrise view from our hotel room.

(*Notes from an airplane day: Of course there were snafus on Friday, our first day of flying. Our plane left National Airport an hour late -- a bit nerve-wracking, because we had only an hour to change planes in Dallas for Honolulu. But the pilot made up some time, and then -- bravo, American Airlines! -- there was a van WAITING ON THE RUNWAY to take us and the other Hawaii-bound passengers across the tarmac and to the waiting plane. Have you ever wondered about those breathless groups of passengers who tumble into a plane just seconds before the doors close? That was us.)

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