Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day, Pearl Harbor

Little bright yellow fish swim on the reef that has accumulated on part of the sunken wreck of the USS Arizona at Pearl Harbor. There's some symbolism here, but it seems wrong to stretch too hard to get it.

Instead, on Memorial Day, I find myself wondering how many years the oil will slowly seep up from the old battleship. It's been 68, so far.

More thoughts from Oahu:

* The beaches that ring the island's North Shore are some of the prettiest I've ever seen. It's obvious that families, many from the city, visit their favorites regularly. At one campground, a family had even brought in -- yes -- a kitchen sink, to hook up to the campground water.

* Waikiki is Miami Beach, on steroids, with a lot more sushi.

* Also: Waikiki has a lot less BEACH than you might expect. Much of the sand has eroded, right up to the seawalls of the various hotels.

* The names of many Honolulu streets begin with the letter "K." Thus, it is not a good idea for the navigator to say, "Hey, that street sign says 'K,' then something, and the name ends with a vowel! Turn here!"

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