Thursday, June 4, 2009

At the Jaya Pub Bali

LEGIAN, Bali, Indonesia -- When Elvis sings about the cotton fields back home, there are already several levels of cultural dissonance. On top of that, imagine a 60-year-old Australian crooning the lead, backed up by an Indonesian cover band called "The Down of Revolution."

Why "Down?" I have no idea, but that's correct.

The Australian's name escapes me now, but he's the bald guy in the photo. So obviously Bali is about more than art, nature, complex spirituality and magical sunsets.

A few more random observations:

--The sunset over the beach really is magical.

--High-tech wicking T-shirts are great; so are little tiny LED flashlights. The flashlights would be better if they were a lot brighter.

--If a new global era of communications is going to be based on fast Internet connections, we aren't there yet.

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