Monday, June 15, 2009

Week of Wonders, Part Three

CAIRO, Egypt-- Remember, we didn't set out to absorb the culture of India, Jordan and Egypt. We set out to see three of the wonders of the world in one exhausting week.

And the Great Pyramids of Giza are the biggie there, a wonder that has been attracting awestruck tourists since the days of the Romans, if not earlier. And they are indeed awe inspiring. The hassles of seeing them are also well known. Even the tourist police are continually hitting you up for baksheesh, that is, tips.

However, we did have a lovely, calm view from our hotel room in Giza. That's it in the photo, if I can find a computer that will let me upload the photo.

After being suitably awestruck, we went into downtown Cairo for a taste of the city and a deep dive into the Egyptian Museum of Antiquities for two days. That's a confusing, poorly curated collection of thousands of the most incredible Pharaonic items imaginable. Just room after room of elaborate sarcophagi, funerary goods, mummies and more. The popular King Tut exhibit that toured the US a couple years ago was just a few of the pieces the Cairo museum has on display.

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