Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Delayed in Delhi an Extra Day

DELHI, India -- It was the flight I had been dreading for months: Leaving Delhi at 5:30 am, bound for Amman, Jordan.

We got up on time -- tired, but on time -- and a very helpful hotel concierge at the Airport Radisson accompanied us to the airport before 4 am. But when we got there, the bad news: The flight had been cancelled. Not delayed, not moved a bit. Cancelled. No other flights leave Delhi for Jordan today.

After some long, heated wrangling with the Royal Jordanian station manager --no, sir, I think I would have noticed if you had sent me notification this flight was cancelled! -- he arranged some token compensation, and confirmed that we have seats on the 5:30 a.m. flight tomorrow.

And the wonderful front desk at the Radisson put us back into our room, with a smile and a complimentary breakfast.

We now need to rearrange ongoing plans in Jordan, but otherwise plan to spend the day recharging and lazing around; perhaps also thinking in some more depth about our experiences so far, especially in India, which has been a bit overwhelming. It's too hot outside for our usual turbo-touristing.

And remember: If you ever need a hotel near the Delhi International Airport, the Radisson is pricy, but worth every penny.

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